5tion Is Back As Rebro

[by Sora Ghim] Receiving a lot of love as 5tion, the group has returned as 5-members with the main vocals of the first and second unit to continue the history of 5TION as Rebro.

Each member has its own vocal color and emotions to combine for a dynamic musicality. This group has come back with sophisticated music and sentimental melody.

Rebro started as 5tion in December 2001 and has reunited the main vocals of the group in the representative Korean format boy band. In about 14 years, they have come together to create music.

The new name is a shortened version of ‘Reunited Brothers’ to mean the reunion of brothers. It signifies the restart of brothers with music. The title song ‘Return’ is to repay fans who waited and didn’t forget about the group. It is a song about starting again with sentimental lyrics.

Member Hwang Sung Hwan, two tone, and Mr.jj composed the song and Hwang Sung Hwan wrote the song to thank fans. Member Lee Hyun wrote the lyrics, touching hearts with his sophisticated words.

Meanwhile, Rebro has released its teaser video for its comeback. (photo by KJ Entertainment)

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