5 Wacky Foods in Singapore

Lorraine Koh
Makansutra17 May 2012

Text and Images by Lorraine Koh @ Makansutra

Whenever we think of weird, bordering on gross food, Singapore doesn’t really come to mind. However, hardcore foodies will say otherwise. Although you may stick your nose up at some of the dishes listed here, another person will relish it and call it a delicacy. Who are we to judge, except to say, “don’t like, don’t eat”.

Pig’s Fallopian Tube

5 Wacky Foods in Singapore
5 Wacky Foods in Singapore

Rumoured to help a lady’s fertility, pig’s fallopian tube is a rare dish here. The Sang Cheong (Pig’s Fallopian Tube) at Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup (a KL style cze cha place) is stir-fried and done dry with lightly spicy sambal, crispy hae bi (dried shrimps) and spring onions. It is crunchy and springy and the tube per se does not carry much taste but it absorbs the sauces’ flavours well.

Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup 136 Sims Ave Opens 11am – 2.30pm; 5pm – 1.30am

Duck Neck

5 Wacky Foods in Singapore
5 Wacky Foods in Singapore

We are not talking about the left over duck necks at roast duck joints, but stalls dedicated to selling necks. There are a few of such stalls in Geylang and Chinatown and are mainly Sichuan, Wuhan in style. Jing Wu Ya Bo serves marinated, spicy and stewed duck necks, pig tongues, duck kidneys, pig tails – you get the picture. The duck necks are chilli red in colour, peppery and non-oily. The meat on the duck’s neck is tightly attached to the bone, making it difficult to gnaw but oh-so-satisfying when you succeed. They are served chopped up and go very well with beer.

Jing Wu Ya Bo 487 Lor 27 Geylang Opens 2pm-2am

Shark’s Head

5 Wacky Foods in Singapore
5 Wacky Foods in Singapore

Claimed to have been created by the now-defunct Tian Jin Hai Seafood Restaurant, Steamed Shark’s Head is still sold at Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup. A Cantonese style dish, there is not much meat and it mostly made up of cartilage. Fans love the gelatinous texture and it comes with a sweet, garlicky sauce.

Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup 136 Sims Ave, Singapore Open daily 11am – 2.30pm; 5pm – 1.30am

Pig’s Large Intestines

5 Wacky Foods in Singapore
5 Wacky Foods in Singapore

Although Da Chang (pig’s large intestines) is commonly used in Kway Chap, over here he chops it up and deep fries it like a snack. It is pre-stewed, very fresh and left with just a hint of offal. We like the crispy and lightly spiced crust. He also serves Hae Cho (Prawn & Pork Rolls) and bak kwa.

Xin Dong Fang Blk 51 Old Airport Rd #01-112 Old Airport Rd Hawker Centre, Singapore Opens 10am-8pm, Closes Tue

Crocodile Paw

5 Wacky Foods in Singapore
5 Wacky Foods in Singapore

This huge Braised Crocodile Paw looks like something from a witch’s caldron, complete with nails. Crocodile Kingdom serves the paw in a claypot, stewed in a herbal broth. The paw is soft, chewy skin has a gelatin-like texture and is rumoured to be a natural cure for asthma and also boosts the libido. “Even though some of my peers are squeamish when it comes to crocodile, I am quite a fan of the reptile as its paw is full of collagen and the Chinese herbs that come with the dish helps to nourish my body,” says Charlene Lim, a regular customer at Crocodile Kindgdom.

Crocodile Kingdom Block 51 Old Airport Road #01-107 Old Airport Road Food Centre Opens 10am-10pm

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