2NE1 Voted Most Anticipated Artist for June

Grace Danbi Hong

Defeating Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Kim Jong Kook, Park Jung Hyun and Ailee, 2NE1 was chosen as the most anticipated artist to comeback in the month of June.

The music site, Monkey3, opened a poll titled, “Whose Comeback Do you Look Forward to in June?” The poll was opened for voting from May 24 to 30.

After 305 people voted, 2NE1 came out at the top with 61 votes (20 percent) while Big Bang closely followed with 59 votes (19 percent). Wonder Girls placed third with 49 votes (16 percent).

With 2NE1 members dropping hints of returning to the stage, netizens chose 2NE1, looking forward to the group’s unique color and special performances that it brings with each comeback.

Meanwhile, second place Big Bang and third place Wonder Girls will both be releasing their new albums on June 3, creating a fierce competition at the beginning of June.

2NE1, who is currently working with Intel Korea, will be revealing its fan-voted song , Be Mine on June 5.

Photo Credit: Intel Korea, Monkey 3

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (grace@cj.net)
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