2AM hosts the hottest show SNL Korea

[by Cho Suyoun] Idol group 2AM will host the SNL Korea on April 13th and Korea’s top news anchor Choi Il gu will turn into Larry King in ‘Weekend Update’ corner.

One of the hottest shows in Korea is definitely the SNL Korea. SNL is a show originally made in the United States for more than thirty years and Korea has adopted the format of the show and making it with all the Korean comedians and stars.

2AM will be the second idol group who will be hosting the show tomorrow on April 13th and it is making a hot issue since idol group rarely show up in SNL.

On the other hand, news anchor Choi Il gu will be leading one of the small corners in SNL ‘Weekend Update’ starting on tomorrow. He will show sharp satire and comical linguistic sense. He will join with comedian Ahn Young mi, an original crew of SNL Korea, and it is already making audiences wonder about their perfect combination.

The staffs of SNL Korea dreams to make anchor Choi like American talk show’s top host Larry King. He will show stylish and trendy mood as a concept and be different from when he does news.

The show will be aired on April 13th 11:00 pm. (photo by CJ E&M)

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