Newly-opened Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles serves ginormous king prawns for $10

Big things entice me. So when I came across Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles featuring their huge prawns, I knew I had to speak about it. As its name states, it is a newly-opened stall selling prawn noodles at Hougang Avenue 2 Block 703.

Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles 1

Tucked at the near corner of the coffee shop, you will find Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles as a neighbour to a ban mian stall. The space that they filled used to sell fishball noodles.

We usually come across people complaining on social media about small portions and hawkers who scrimp on ingredients, but Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles has constructed an army of fans going crazy about the size of their prawns in the prawn mee.

Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles 2
Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles 2

Looking at it, you’ll understand what they mean. Their delicious enormous king prawns fill the bowl till we can’t even see what’s underneath! To think that once, I even received a bowl of prawn mee with shrimps smaller than my thumb.

This portion of Big Prawn Noodle that includes king prawns costs S$10. Filled with other ingredients like sliced fishcake, pork lard and a garnish of dried garlic and shallots, I can already taste the flavours of umami bursting in my mouth… The crispy pork lard is also XL in size!

Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles 3

The prawns are described to be sweet and juicy as well, so prep your stomach as the prawns might just fill you even before you get to the noodles! Try out their S$8 portion and see how comparable the portions can be; I am pretty sure you will be full.

Their menu also displays a concise spread of Prawn Noodle with Pork Ribs (S$6/S$8) and normal Prawn Noodle (S$5/S$7). As each prawn mee is paired with a bowl of soup, try adding in spoonfuls of soup into your bowl for a wetter consistency.

Although Hougang 703 Prawn Noodles sell prawn mee at a steeper price in comparison to an average bowl at your nearby hawker centre, your money is worth it when you receive their scrumptious prawn mee.

They are also available on online platforms for delivery, so if you’re too lazy to go down and try it out, you will still be able to enjoy a bowl from the comfort of your home.

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