Newcomer Nichung releases song to encourage protesters

19 Dec – Denise Ho's music label GOOMUSIC has recently released a new song by rookie singer-songwriter Nichung to encourage the followers of Hong Kong independence movement to continue their fight.

As reported on Epoch Times, the song, titled "Yeh Hang" (loosely translated as "Night Walk") relays the struggle of the Hong Kong people for the past several months, and expresses encouragement for the protesters to never give up.

Aside from releasing the said song, Denise also assisted with the lyrics and even lent her vocals in the bridge part of the song.

The music video, which was released on 16 December, features Nichung as he roams the streets of Hong Kong late at night, with the video ends as the dawn approaches. He also goes from one location to another - from the Legislative Council Building, the Kwai Fong Lennon Tunnel, to the CUHK 2nd Bridge - all venues that marked its own importance throughout the long protests.

Speaking about the song, Ni stated that it was the first time that he collaborated with Denise to share the complex and entangled emotions of the Hong Kong people for the past few months.

"I hope to use this song to tell everybody - those who have been arrested and facing prosecution, those who are in prison and who have lost everything - that they have not been forgotten," he said.

As for being a newcomer in the industry, Ni said that he is still in the early stage and would need time to grow as an artiste.

"I am fortunate to have the financial and emotional support from my family and my label," he said.

(Photo Source: GooMusic)