New Star Trek Beyond Posters Pay Tribute To Franchise Heritage

Two stunning new posters for ‘Star Trek Beyond’ have been released by Paramount and they both serve as a rather cool tribute to the original TV show.

This first showing Kirk, Spock, and Sofia Boutella’s Jaylah in a rainbow of light is directly inspired by the classic poster for 1979′s ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’, the film that breathed new life into the dormant sci-fi franchise.

While the other teaser poster seems to have teleported in from the groovy 1960s which, of course, is when the original ‘Star Trek’ series was first broadcast.

The release of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ later this year has been timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the original ‘Star Trek’ TV series which was first broadcast in September 1966.

Simon Pegg, who co-wrote the new film, says the new trailer (watch it below) is a better representation of the film than the first one, confirming the retro vibe is intentional.

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“I wanted to introduce the trailer for you to see,” Pegg said via a recording from Budapest, where he is on location filming. “It’s something I think really now reflects what Justin, Doug, and myself were hoping to achieve with this movie, which is to create a Star Trek for the ages; something which embodied what Gene Roddenberry hoped for back in 1966 with the resources and the technology and the extraordinary vision that we can achieve here in 2016. So strap yourselves in, it’s time to go beyond.”

Image credits: Paramount