Why Homecoming Is The Perfect Title For The Spider-Man Reboot

The new Spider-Man movie title has been officially announced – and it’s ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’. As revealed last week – thanks to some clumsy URL registration – the title has now been confirmed by Sony at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas.

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It’s the perfect title for the new reboot which will see Marvel’s biggest superhero literally coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe mixing with his comic stablemates the Avengers. Of course, Sony is still producing the movie but thanks to a deal brokered between the studio and Disney, they can now finally share the characters on screen. 

A clip was also debuted at the cinema owners’ conference, which showed new Spidey Tom Holland meeting Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark at his Aunt May’s house – the new Aunt May being played by Marisa Tomei.

So it would seem that the meshing of superheroes from Marvel’s stable in both Sony movies and Disney movies – which separately own the rights to different Marvel characters – is continuing apace, after first being seen in 'Captain America: Civil War’.

As for what the first movie in the re-booted Spider-Man series will be about, we’re not sure just yet, but Holland explained that the movie will focus on Peter Parker 'searching for his identity’.

Movie site Birth. Movies. Death. reckons that Spidey will be going up against supervillain The Vulture, but so far there’s no official word on plot just yet.

An 80s storyline from the comic books - The Amazing Spider-Man #252 from 1984, to be precise, also called Homecoming - features appearances from Iron Man and Captain America, so that would tally with the footage shown so far.

The movie is set to hit cinemas in July next year.

Image credit: Disney/Marvel