New cut of Spider-Man 3 appears online… then vanishes

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer
Spider-Man 3 gets a new cut - Credit: Sony
Spider-Man 3 gets a new cut - Credit: Sony

‘Spider-Man 3’ just got a brand-new cut.

But it’s no longer available just a day later.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, a new version of ‘Spider-Man 3’ – dubbed the Editor’s Cut – was made available to buy or rent digitally over at Amazon. It’s a brand-new cut which has been rumoured for some time.

But now it’s been pulled from the store less than 24 hours later.

Not before some fans were able to get hold of it, though…

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Apparently, this new version of ‘Spider-Man 3’ was planned as part of a re-release of the original ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy, which starred Tobey Maguire as the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

And it seems Amazon may have jumped the gun a bit.

“Presumably because the new collection that will feature the Editor’s Cut isn’t due out for another few weeks, Amazon rapidly pulled the movie from its service…” said io9. “Not quick enough before fans could purchase it and see just what was changed in the new cut.”

So what’s new in this new ‘Spider-Man 3’ edition?

Well, not as much as you might imagine.

According to fans who got their hands on the download over at the forums, it’s not an extended edition… in fact, the film runs slightly shorter than the original theatrical cut.

Spider-Man 3 Editor's Cut includes more of this - Credit: Sony
Spider-Man 3 Editor’s Cut includes more of this – Credit: Sony

And several scenes and lines of dialogue have been cut or moved around.

The scene with Aunt May in Peter’s apartment giving back her engagement ring has been completely removed, as well as the scene where Peter apologizes to his landlord while also trying to call MJ.

Definitely a good call, there.

But other cuts include the scene where Willem Dafoe yells “First, we attack his heart!” from beyond the grave, to his living son – James Franco’s Harry Osborn.

Thankfully, it’s not all cuts, and there is some new material included. Apparently, we can look forward to some shots which were seen in the film’s early trailers, with Peter Parker suited up in the symbiote suit as he flings himself around the rooftops of New York.

Also, there’s a full restoration of Christopher Young’s original score, so expect some new music amongst the more familiar scenes.

Will this new ‘Spider-Man 3’ cut change critical opinion of the film?

Well… no. That’s highly unlikely.

But I guess there are still some folks who’ll get a kick out of watching it.

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