Neve Campbell Open To Another Scream Movie


One of the tricky things that can happen when someone in the film industry is doing a lot of interviews back-to-back is that, perhaps unknowingly, they may end up making statements which appear to contradict one another.

This certainly seems to be the case with Neve Campbell this week, as - just one day after seeming to tell The Guardian that she’s glad the Scream movies are behind her - the actress tells Entertainment Weekly she would consider making a ‘Scream 5.’

However, Campbell stresses it would be a “tough” decision, given that Wes Craven - director of all four ‘Scream’ movies - is no longer with us.

“Wes was so responsible for the success of it and the brilliance of it, and he was a dear, dear friend and a mentor, and I just don’t know how I would feel at the moment if it came around again.


“It would have to be something really special and really different. They’d have to be really convincing about who they decided to bring on as director, and I’d still have to do a bit of soul-searching on that one.”

It has been speculated that Campbell - who has largely eschewed mainstream film roles since 2000′s ‘Scream 3′ - agreed to return for belated 2011 follow-up ‘Scream 4′ largely out of loyalty to Craven.

Her comments earlier this week to The Guardian, which appeared to address ‘Scream,’ may instead have been in reference to her general standing in Hollywood in the late 1990s: Campbell remarked, “I’m so glad those days are over. I felt I was being forced into being something I wasn’t – all the time.”

On the other hand, the actress tells EW that she would not be interested in a revival of her breakthrough TV series ’Party of Five.’

Neve Campbell was being interviewed in promotion of her role on Netflix series ‘House of Cards.’

Picture Credit: Dimension Films, Jill Connolly/AP

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