Netizens slam Zheng Kai for teasing Zanilia Zhao about motherhood

Heidi Hsia

27 Jan – Chinese actor Ryan Zheng (Zheng Kai) sparked the anger of Zanilia Zhao's fans recently for joking about the actress' parental responsibilities.

As reported on Epoch Times, the incident sparked during an awards event when Zheng, who was hosting the event, asked Zanilia in the audience if being an actor is harder than being a mother.

When his question received no response, he added, "I would presume being a mother is harder. Why else would you come out and do a movie and leave your husband Feng Shaofeng alone with the baby at home?"

Although it was meant to be a joke, Zanilia's awkward expression prompted the actor to add to the audience, "Let's give a warm applause to Feng Shaofeng with his child at home!"

Although the segment was cut from the show, many who were at the event stated that it was disrespectful of Zheng to tease a mother in such a way and make assumptions about one's home life.

Fans of the actress also expressed their frustration, with one commenting, "Both husband and wife decided to have children and made their choices. It's rude for Zheng Kai to ridicule them in public."

Zanilia once admitted in an interview that it is difficult to balance her work and family life, and it's because of that she only decides on projects that are worthwhile. Feng also revealed that his wife is fond of her career, which is why he decided to reduce his own work and be a parent who could spend more time with their child.

(Photo Source: Sohu)