Netizens blasted Andy Hui for cheating scandal

17 Apr: Following his press conference, Andy Hui has recently taken to social media to continue apologising for his behaviour.

The singer, who was caught cheating on wife Sammi Cheng with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong following the release of a dash cam video of the two of them kissing and hugging in the passengers' seat of a vehicle recently, posted online, "This is a wrong thing that cannot be forgiven. I dare not ask for forgiveness, because I have no way to forgive myself. I can only reflect deeply, and with the most sincere attitude, to say to all those affected by this incident, I really did something wrong, I can't deny the blame, sorry!

"I have no excuses and have committed such a serious behavior, that my family, friends and all those who love me are completely disappointed. I feel very sorry and regretful. I am also willing to bear all the consequences and responsibilities caused by this incident.

"Finally, as a husband, I want to say sorry to Sammi, this is a complete mistake, I feel very bad. Please give me some time and space to learn how to change and reflect as a person," he added.

Despite the lengthy post, fans of the Cantopop diva's fans seemed unfazed by the apology, blasting Andy for hurting his wife.

"Have you ever thought about Sammi's feelings? She has been busy preparing for her concert, and what have you been doing?" says one commenter.

Another IG user reminded Andy that his wife had struggled from depression before and that his behaviour could affect her, while some supported the idea for both Andy and Jacqueline to retire from showbiz for good.

On the other hand, some fans of the singer were quick to forgive, saying that he has done nothing wrong to them and should instead ask his wife personally for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline has not made any statement regarding the scandal at the time of writing. However, the actress did turn off the comment section of her recent Instagram posts.

(Photo Source: Andy Hui Instagram)