Netizens blast Chinese celebs for going on holiday during COVID-19

5 Mar – Mainland netizens recently blasted some of its own artistes who decided to leave China on a trip while the country is facing tough challenges battling COVID-19.

As reported on ET Today, the issue was first sparked by a netizen who wrote online, "During this national disaster, there are stars who went to Japan to enjoy themselves and not returned. The whole world is paying attention to this pandemic and the people in the country are working hard."

"Do your best to contribute to the fight. At this time, we should unite and overcome this difficulty together," the netizen added.

Others who saw the post began to list the name of artistes whom they alleged to have been away from home during the pandemic, including Lu Yi and wife Bao Lei, who were revealed to have taken a family vacation in Japan.

"During the pandemic, they went to Japan to go on holiday and enjoy themselves. This made some people who were struggling to fight the virus very uncomfortable. The motherland does not belong to one, but to many. It requires everybody to work hard," said the netizen.

Another also named "The Mermaid" actress Kitty Zhang, saying that she has been having fun in the said country, while others also blasted other couples like Yin Zheng and Jiang Mengjie, as well as Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden.

Several netizens also wrote comments on the said post expressing their anger over these celebrities, saying there is no point for the fans to support them if they would not work with everybody to fight against the pandemic.

(Photo Source: SCMP)