Netizen starts petition demanding TVB to fire Jacqueline Wong

9 May – While all parties involved in the OnSum Scandal just wanted to move on from it, it was reported that a netizen has started a petition for TVB to fire Jacqueline Wong.

As reported on Mingpao, the petition, which was titled "Expel the Fox Mission" - the fox in this case referring to the aforementioned actress - called for TVB to uphold their social responsibility as one of Hong Kong's main broadcasters.

"If Ms Wong, a person who destroys a family, could appear on television during primetime, it will affect the company's image considerably," the netizen noted.

The netizen, whose goal is to get 10,000 signatures, also demanded that Jacqueline is stripped off her Miss Hong Kong 2012 runner-up title, and to apologise to the public in person.

It is noted that the actress has yet to appear in public, and has only released her apology through social media.

Meanwhile, others have now expressed disgust over the petition, saying that the public and media alike have been focusing more on portraying Jacqueline in the negative light than they did Andy Hui, who also played a role in the cheating scandal.

(Photo Source: Jacqueline Wong Instagram)