Netflix's DVD shipping service is still alive -- and just shipped its 5 billionth disc

Netflix's DVD shipping service is still alive -- and just shipped its 5 billionth disc

On Monday, DVD Netflix announced via Twitter that the company had just shipped its five billionth disc.

Though in 2019 Netflix is primarily known for its digital streaming service, the company originally made its name as a DVD-by-mail renting service, which, believe it or not, still exists today.

The company has continued to ship DVDs for the past 21 years to those who would rather rent physical discs to watch their favorite TV shows and movies than stream them online. And on Monday, the company announced that DVD Netflix had just shipped its five billionth disc since being founded in 1998.

According to a CNN report published earlier this year, the service has 2.7 million US subscribers, who helped the company make well over $200 million in profit in 2018.

Compared to what's available online - which only offers select movies and TV shows during designated time periods -- DVD Netflix has tens of thousands more options at all times. This allows customers to do all their entertainment shopping in one place instead of requiring them to subscribe to multiple services. Furthermore, as soon as a movie or show comes out on DVD, DVD Netflix has it, unlike Netflix's online streaming library.

When subscribed to the standard DVD plan, users are sent the disc of their choice, which they can keep for as long as they like. When finished, they simply send the DVD back, and the next one that they have selected will be automatically shipped.

Netflix's DVD service (only available in the US) starts at $7.99 per month, $1 cheaper than its most basic online streaming plan.