Netflix is testing a new tool for kids inspired by TikTok!

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Netflix's "Kids Clips" tool will be presented horizontally.

Netflix seems determined to win over young viewers and is pulling out all the stops to reach some of the very youngest ones! The streaming platform has launched a new tool specially designed for "kids." Inspired by TikTok, Netflix has developed a new interface tailored to children to promote its content for these young audiences.

How can a streaming platform attract young viewers? By taking inspiration from the most on-trend social media outlets of course! While Netflix has recently expanded its territory to encompass video games, the streaming platform also wants to attract new users this time with short videos. A format that has become extremely popular since the rise of TikTok, the short clip is now a powerful tool for all platforms and Netflix is no exception in the matter.

After launching its "Fast Laughs" feature, Netflix has launched a new tool, albeit still in test phase. Called "Kids Clips," this new format aims to promote content suitable for children through short videos. According to Bloomberg, the American giant intends to add new shorts concerning its current and future content lineup on a daily basis.

For the visual aesthetic of this new feature, Netflix drew on the design of TikTok and Instagram's Reels with large-screen images although they're to be watched in landscape format, not portrait as is the style of the two social networks. Children will be limited to watching between 10 and 20 clips at a time, according to Bloomberg. It makes for a strategic tool for the streaming giant.

First launched on Netflix's iOS app, the tool will be tested first in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Latin America.

Sabrina Alili

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