Netflix jumps on hype around ‘vending machine’ publicity stunt to promote show

Photo: Netflix/Facebook

“Give 3 chocolates, Get: 50 Baby Darts,” said Netflix’s latest Facebook post on Thursday (1 March), just a day after a “cash vending machine” publicity stunt by local telco Circles.Life took place in Singapore, offering $50 in return for $3.

The stunt generated a lot of hype after a round of giveaways were cut short during lunchtime at Raffles Place, attracting hundreds of people as well as police officers, whose presence had led to the giveaway being discontinued after an hour. A third and final giveaway scheduled for 5pm at Orchard Road that same day was also cancelled.

The telco organised the stunt as part of a marketing campaign, entitled “#3DollarBaller”, to promote a new unlimited data plan. Soon after, Netflix capitalised on the hype to promote the “Stranger Things” sci-fi series, which has had two seasons, with a third one expected in 2019.

The “darts” refer to a fictitious creature in the show that had originated from another dimension known as the “Upside Down”. Netflix’s post even tagged Raffles Place as its location.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has conducted real-time marketing campaigns. It once hopped on the buzz surrounding the news of wild boars at a bus terminal in Tuas to promote the movie Okja, a drama surrounding a friendly “super-pig”.

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