NET-A-PORTER launches JET-A-PORTER and other top lifestyle news to know

JET-A-PORTER screenshot.
JET-A-PORTER screenshot.

By: Jade Yong

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And yes, it is as its name indicates. JET-A-PORTER is NET-A-PORTER’s vacation line is a hefty 32 new brands and women’s clothing. Their timing is impeccable as we’re now just in time for a spot of online shopping, right before summer vacay! Spot our new favourite summer picks right here.

Woodstock 50 is currently back on

Woodstock 50 won the suit against their biggest financier Aegis Dentsu, when the latter announced that the festival was cancelled. Although the court ruled in favour of the organisers, there is still no certainty whether the August event will happen as there hasn’t been sufficient preparation to meet its deadline. We can only hope!

Game of Thrones: Fans petition for remake of Season 8

The final season of TV hit show Game of Thrones was undoubtedly the most anticipated of 2019. Imagine then, the disappointed that came when fans were faced with what seems like a hastily-put together final 6 episodes. After the penultimate episode having aired on Monday, it looks like some die-hard fans have simply had enough and put up a petition to demand that HBO remake season 8 “with more competent writers”.

Prince Jackson launches Youtube channel with brother Blanket

The controversial late singer’s children have been famously elusive as they grew up, with the older two kids - Prince and Paris - slowly cosying up to the spotlight in recent times. Now Blanket and Prince have joined forces to work on their Youtube channel that will be centered around movie reviews.

Super Mario gets multiplayer mode online

Fans of Super Mario Bros rejoice, because the gaming industry’s most loved game to date finally gets the upgrade it deserves. Super Mario Maker 2 will feature a bunch of new tools, story hub, a funky night system, and most anticipatedly, an online multiplayer mode.