Neri Naig feels secure with husband's love

Heidi Hsia

5 Nov– Neri Naig-Miranda recently defended her husband Chito Miranda's friendship with Bubbles Paraiso, after a netizen claimed to have seen him "making out" with the said model.

As reported on GMA News, the actress recently shared a screencap of a netizen's message to her, in which he or she claimed to have seen Miranda with Paraiso. The netizen also told Naig to check on her husband's Instagram as well to ensure that nothing fishy is going on.

In her response, which she tagged Miranda and Paraiso as well, Naig said that she has no issues with her husband befriending beautiful ladies like Bubbles Paraiso and Angel Locsin, saying that it's not their fault for being sexy and beautiful.

"They are really friends and I have never banned Chito from hanging out with them or anyone else, be it a woman or a man. It's okay with me," she added.

Naig also stressed that she also feels very secured in the singer's love for her, and in herself.

"If a man wants to cheat, they will cheat no matter what you do," she said.

The actress then stated that she loves both Paraiso and Locsin, as the two stars not only kind to her husband, but to her and son Miggy as well.

(Photo Source: Chito Miranda Instagram)