Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne explains change for Susan in new season

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne has opened up about a major change for Susan Kennedy in the new season.

It was previously reported that the soap would be revisiting a storyline it didn't have a chance to finish before last year's finale, where Karl Kenndy lost a huge investment in Montana Marcel's dodgy business plans.

This caused strain on the Kennedys' marriage since Karl had gone behind Susan's back to make the initial investment. As the show returns, the implications of their financial loss won't be forgotten.

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"We've begun the show after a bit of a time jump when we left Susan as a school principal, a very responsible job requiring a lot of work," she explained.

"Now we've come back, and she's no longer a school principal. And she's fighting with what retirement means. She actually didn't want to retire. She did it in order to try and recoup some money that Karl had lost on a bad investment, and she feels like it's the only option open to her. So again, all new stories, all new situations. And we'll get a lot of good drama and more lovely comedy."

The Kennedys have had their fair share of bumps in the road throughout their decades-long romance, but they've always managed to come through the hard times together.

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"Susan's married Karl three times in various situations," Jackie reiterated. "Once when they were very young at university, then again they separated a long time ago. The second wedding was when Susan got amnesia and forgot who Karl was. Yes, she slipped on milk, as often happens in Erinsborough.

"She slipped on milk, and she woke up the next day believing she was 16, had no idea who her children were, who her husband was, who anyone was. She just wanted to get back to her boyfriend Gary in the country where she lived. And the fact that she was married to this old bloke was a horrific surprise to Susan — to 16-year-old Susan. So they had a renewal of vows. And the third time was when they had been separated, and then they remarried again."

The actress spoke on what it has meant to her to carry on the Kennedys' story in this revival, since fans are so invested in their favourite Neighbours characters.

"I speak not just for us but for anyone involved in the show that we're so grateful," Jackie said. "We're so grateful that whatever has brought us back has brought us back. We're so grateful to Amazon.

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"We're so grateful to the fans who mounted such a heartfelt campaign to bring their show back. Knowing what the show means to them and what it means to all of us who work on the show, ultimately, it's gratitude, isn't it?"

Jackie promised that, like always, the Kennedy household will be filled with "strays, full of kids, full of teenagers" when the soap resumes.

"Sometimes we're really great parents, and sometimes we're boring parents, and that makes for a lot of fun and great stories. And we get to work with some terrific young people, which we love," she added.

Neighbours returns on September 18, with new episodes streaming on Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. Network 10 will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new series.

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