Nature Republic Successfully Holds ‘EXO Fan Festival’ as a Customer Appreciation Event

[by Shin Hyun Jung, translated by Woorim Ahn] On January 22, cosmetic brand Nature Republic revealed that it successfully held ‘Green Nature 2017 EXO Fan Festival’ with EXO and 6,000 fans at Olympic Gymnasium of Hanyang University in Seoul on January 21.

To deliver its thanks to customers, the brand planned such an event. The event wasn’t just typical fan signing format; it was held at a big stage like a concert and it received many fans in and out of Korea as the event was to communicate with the group.

The brand aired the event live on its official website in Korea and China and delivered EXO’s dynamic performances and various faces. To see the group, many fans crushed the server and reached 120,000 cumulative viewers that proved the group’s tremendous popularity as global star.

‘Green Nature EXO Fan Festival’ was kicked off with a clip depicting Nature Republic and EXO’s every move. When the members showed up on the screen such as changing to nice boyfriends in TV commercial ‘Bamboo Charcoal Nose & T zone Pack’, the fans gave a big applause.

The members showed up with singing ‘Monster’ and kept performing in front of the fans. The audiences sent big reactions as the group showed powerful dance and their charisma. The site’s atmosphere reached to the max when comedian Yang Se Hyung hosted the event. Suho and Kai reenacted the pose from movie ‘Titanic’, D.O and Baekhyun made a forehead kiss pose, and Chen and Xiumin showed hearts for mimicking EXO’s poses. The members showed bright smiles and participated in the events passionately to heat up the stage.

Since it is the group’s first fan meeting in 2017, the members seemed so enthusiastic and prepared a surprise event for fans to communicate closer. When they sang ‘Lucky’, they gave out lucky boxes like the title and dragged the audiences’ explosive reactions. Particularly, after the song, the group took a selfie with the fans. The photo was sent to the fans’ phones individually as a meaningful gift.

Best for the last, EXO performed ‘For Life’ and the audiences sang along, and then the site’s atmosphere reached to the peak. The stage effect like windblown cherry blossoms and fans’ glowing sticks made grandeur. EXO members didn’t forget to express their special affection and thanks for fans with comments to expect for a new journey with Nature Republic. (photo by Nature Republic)

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