The National unveil a new enigmatic video for 'Hey Rosey'

"Hey Rosey" appears on the Ohio band's new album, "I Am Easy To Find," which dropped in May.

A few months after the album release, The National shared the music video for "Hey Rosey," which was directed by American filmmaker Mike Mills.

The band has already collaborated with Mills for the 24-minute short film that accompanied their eighth studio album, "I Am Easy to Find," which notably starred Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

The visual for "Hey Rosey" is a continuation of the companion film, offering a glimpse into the unconsciousness of Vikander's character.

The clip notably features Israeli dancer-choreographer Sharon Eyal, who has previously appeared in the band's "Hairpin Turns" video.

"I had always loved the work of Sharon Eyal, especially her improvisation. Luckily she was also a fan of The National and we began talking about her doing some dance work around the new record," Mills said in a statement.

The music director also shared details about the genesis of the video, pointing out how Eyal managed to capture the themes of the "I Am Easy to Find" companion film.

"For 'Hey Rosey,' we asked her to be a continuation of Alicia Vikander's character in 'I Am Easy To Find' -- a side of that character we didn't see in that film, the unconscious of that character, but really left that for Sharon to interpret. I think in subtle, strange, but really powerful ways she found movements and gestures that echo the feelings and themes in 'Hey Rosey,'" he added.

The National are currently on tour across the world to support their eighth studio effort, with stops in Europe and the UK scheduled in December.

The indie rock band will then head to Japan, Australia and New Zealand in the second installment of their trek, with Phoebe Bridgers as their supporting act.

Last September, The National announced that they will release a new live album on November 29.

The project, entitled "Juicy Sonic Magic," was recorded in 2018 during a two-night stand at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California.

While waiting for "Juicy Sonic Magic," discover the music video for "Hey Rosey":