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Miniature playground stationery

Perfect as desktop companions, this miniature model of one of Singapore’s most iconic playgrounds is created through the combination of 3D printing technology and the artisanal craftsmanship of 3D Mako.
Retail price: $8 (magnets), $12 (memo holder), $15 (business cardholder)
(PHOTO: National Heritage Board)

National Day merchandise celebrates Singapore's playgrounds and Peranakan culture

The National Heritage Board has released two new merchandise ranges – The More We Get Together and Peranakan Story – in celebration of National Day and Singapore’s living and cultural heritage.

The More We Get Together merchandise range, available at the National Museum of Singapore’s MUSEUM LABEL store, is inspired by the appeal of locally-designed playgrounds. It pays tribute to the play spaces that many in Singapore grew to love during their childhood.

The Peranakan Story series of merchandise, available at the Peranakan Museum, presents Peranakan culture through a collection of beautifully crafted homewares. The items take inspiration from the images featured in the Peranakan Museum’s Amek Gambar: Peranakans and Photography exhibition.

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