Nars Cosmetics is the latest beauty brand jumping on the NFT craze

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Nars Cosmetics has launched its first NFT collection, themed on its cult "Orgasm" line.

The summer vacation season hasn't slowed the race to get in on NFTs, or non-fungible tokens -- quite the contrary. After fashion, it's the beauty industry's turn to offer customers digital art inspired by its most iconic products. Nars Cosmetics is launching its very first NFT collection, in collaboration with Truesy, themed on its hottest (and cult) shade, Orgasm.

Hot on the heels of the Givenchy Parfums brand, which launched its first NFT to support the LGBTQIA+ cause during Pride month, Nars Cosmetics is now trying its hand in this fashionable parallel universe that involves creating digital tokens attributed to a unique product or service. The starting point for this digital initiative is none other than National Orgasm Day, celebrated July 31 in several countries worldwide. This provided the perfect opportunity for the beauty brand to release its first NFT collection themed on its iconic shimmering peachy pink shade, Orgasm.

An orgasmic success since 1999

What started out as a simple color option went on to become "THE" cult shade for Nars over the past two decades -- so much so that it inspired an entire product line, over time. So it's no surprise to learn that the brand chose Orgasm as the theme for its first NFT collection, which takes the form of digital artworks, each steamier than the next.

For this first release, Nars Cosmetics has partnered with three female artists from diverse backgrounds: Sara Shakeel, who composed "Consume Me," Azede Jean-Pierre, who created "Captivate Me," and Nina Kraviz, whose digital work is due to be presented in the coming days. Note that these NFTs are proposed on Truesy in different quantities and at different (fixed) prices.

For example, Sara Shakeel's digital work -- depicting an open mouth with super-shimmering peachy pink lips, and with a wave inside -- is offered for free, while Azede Jean-Pierre's work, which comes with limited-edition physical products, is priced $50.

Get your hands on the NFTs here: .

Christelle Pellissier

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