Naomi Watts urges followers to 'pray for rain' amid Australia's bushfire crisis

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts has been left "heartbroken" by the bushfire crisis in Australia, and urged her followers to "pray for rain" as firefighters continue to battle the blazes.

The bushfires have already claimed 10 lives, destroyed over 1,000 properties in New South Wales, and are still raging - leaving thousands of people homeless amid evacuations of towns and cities in the fire's path.

While Gypsy star Naomi was born in England, she moved to Sydney when she was just 14 years old, and said in a previous interview that despite considering herself British, she feels "very connected" to Australia.

On Thursday, the 51-year-old reflected on the bushfires in a heartfelt post on her Instagram page, sharing a video of her time in Byron Bay over the holidays, and writing: "This was my last eve in Byron, NSW, Australia. To get a sense of how beautiful the wildlife regularly sounds... Please turn up the volume. The fires have been truly horrendous. It's so upsetting and worrying. So much wildlife already lost. And still much of the summer ahead.

"My heart goes out to those who've lost loved ones and homes. Big gratitude to the brave firemen who literally haven't stopped during the holidays!! Heartbroken for all the animals, plants and land. Pray for rain."

Actor Hugh Jackman also shared a tribute to those affected by the fires, tweeting: "We want to express our deep gratitude to the people in Australia who are fighting these devastating bushfires. Our hearts are with everyone impacted especially those who have lost homes businesses and loved ones This is an immense tragedy for our home country #AustraliaBushfires."

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