Why is Naomi Watts' Netflix show called Gypsy? The stars explain

This week, all 10 episodes of Naomi Watts’ new show ‘Gypsy’ hit Netflix. It’s a mysterious and steamy slow-burner that centres on Watts’ psychotherapist character Jean Holloway.

She seems to have the perfect life, but it soon becomes clear that her life is beginning to unravel as she becomes intertwined with her patients’ lives. The first two episodes are directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, of ‘Nowhere Boy’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fame, and she helpfully explained how and why the show’s mysterious title came about.

She says Lisa Rubin, the show’s writer and creator, was inspired by the Fleetwood Mac song of the same name.

Sophie Cookson and Naomi Watts as Sidney and Jean in 'Gypsy' (Netflix)
Sophie Cookson and Naomi Watts as Sidney and Jean in ‘Gypsy’ (Netflix)

“This song really resonated with her,” Taylor-Johnson explains in our exclusive interview above. “She felt like who Stevie Nicks sings about [in the song] is very akin to the character in the story.”

Nicks also recorded a new stripped back version of the 1982 song for the show’s title sequence.

So I’m back, to the velvet underground,
Back to the floor, that I love,
To a room with some lace and paper flowers,
Back to the gypsy that I was…

‘Gypsy’ by Fleetwood Mac

“[It’s about] the nomadic life, and wanting to slip from one lifestyle to the other,” adds Watts, “and exploring ones own identity.”

One way that Jean explores her own identity is by embarking on an affair behind her husband’s (Billy Crudup) back, with a young barista named Sidney, played by Sophie Cookson.

Naomi Watts in 'Gypsy' (Netflix)
Naomi Watts in ‘Gypsy’ (Netflix)

“[Jean] has ended up in this perfect, chocolate box, life but she’s really not enjoying it the way she used to,” say Cookson.

“She wants to go back and be free, so when she meets my character and sees that wild, youthful, rebellious side, she wants to return to that.”

‘Gypsy’ is available to stream on Netflix now.

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