Naomi Campbell taking time to focus on 'simple pleasures' during coronavirus crisis

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is concentrating on "simple pleasures" in light of the coronavirus crisis sweeping the world.

Last Tuesday, the British supermodel hit headlines when she flew from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to New York City while wearing a white hazmat suit along with a blue N95 mask and a pair of pink Latex gloves to protect herself from Covid-19.

But while Naomi remains very concerned about the spread of the disease, in an Instagram post uploaded on Sunday, she also noted that the pandemic has forced herself and many others to slow down.

"As my heart remains with the lives around the globe that are severely affected right now, I am finding my own world somewhat unfamiliar," the 49-year-old wrote alongside a picture of her standing outdoors next to her godson. "During the past few days, I've spent much time at home isolated with loved ones. I've cooked, cleaned, caught up with people over the phone, grocery shopped, online read, slept, listened to music and walked to the piers for fresh air. And day by day I'm reminded of all these simple things, the simple pleasures in my life that make happiness. We must learn to educate our hearts and minds to create value in every moment."

Even though the thought of travelling across the U.S. made her "nervous and anxious" last week, Naomi is glad she took the flight, and she's planning to stay put in the Big Apple for the time being.

"I'm learning what it means to put my busy or complicated life on hold and just be still for a while, in one place, with hyper-awareness of the people and spaces directly around me and the moment to moment actions I am making," the model added. "By no means am I thrilled about this scenario we're all facing, but I am certain that moments like these can be incredibly introspective and reflective, they can help to ground us, and ultimately make us more full, compassionate and mindful people, creating unity to remind us we are all human."

More than 170,000 people have been affected in 158 countries since the coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China back in December. Italy, Spain, and some parts of the U.S. have gone into lockdown to contain the spread of the virus, with more than 6,600 people confirmed to have died.

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