Naomi Campbell lands first-ever photoshoot with black fashion photographer

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell has posed for a black fashion photographer for the first time in 33 years.

The British supermodel has taken to Instagram to share images from her recent photoshoot with Campbell Addy for the Guardian Weekend magazine, and in the accompanying caption, noted that the experience was monumental for her.

"It's my first time in 33 and a half years, shooting with a black photographer in mainstream fashion," she wrote. "BLESS YOU @campbelladdy for a beautiful day and to the whole team and @guardianweekend for this piece."

Campbell was styled by Jenke Ahmed Tailly, while Lorenzo Barcella was in charge of her hair and Daniel Sallstrom was tasked with doing her make-up.

Accordingly, British-Ghanaian photographer Addy was full of praise for the star and described their collaboration as one of the most "surreal" moments of his career.

"It's a very surreal moment after the longest flight of my life and to see this be shared with you all. Firstly, to have shot the icon that's Ms Naomi and two for her to reveal that it's the first time in over THREE decades that she's been photographed by another black person in mainstream fashion... let that sink in people... I am very blessed to be alive and working today, so thank you to everyone that's made my existence possible," he shared. "Here's to many more shoots together...Much love to you @naomi and @guardianweekend! To the team involved I love you all."

Meanwhile, in the interview for Guardian Weekend, Campbell tackled a number of topics, including the early days of her modelling career, her rise to fame in the late '80s, her role as a contributing editor at British Vogue magazine, and her recent decision to decline an appearance in an "all-black show" because it goes against her advocacy of "balanced inclusion".

"I can see clearly when brands want diversity because they get it and think it's the right thing to do - and the ones who just think it will look bad if they don't," the 49-year-old commented.

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