Nanny Given ‘Bonkers’ Child Care And Household Chores By Scientologist Family

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Finding the perfect nanny can be an arduous task. But it is also really important because after all they have the most important job– taking care of our kids. Which is why our expectations from our nannies can be high.

But what happens when these expectations have no limitations and are just plain absurd?

Well, a similar experience was shared by actress Hollis Jane Andrews. When she applied for a nanny job in 2013, she never thought the list of duties from a Scientologist family would be so strange.

She recently took to Twitter to share the “bonkers list of requirements” she was handed at the nanny job interview.

Nanny Job Duties: ‘Bonkers List of Responsibilities’

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Hollis received a document titled “Magical Nanny/Housekeeper Hat” that detailed the job. It described how the nanny will have to switch between minding two boys and cleaning the house. The schedule looked quite normal as it included activities like “make breakfast,” “brush teeth,” or “go out to play.”

But the way she was expected to play these roles wasn’t as normal.

The main focus is to ensure that their basic body rudiments are kept in

nanny job duties
nanny job duties

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The nanny job duties started off by asking her to treat the children with ‘love, care, and understanding.’ It further mentioned that “the main focus is to ensure that their basic body rudiments are kept in so that they are not crying/upsetting the rest of the house.”

The requirements of the job stated that a successful candidate must keep the boys ‘well fed and well slept’ as well as keep the home in order to ‘provide sanity for parents.’

Act like a kid

“Take them for a run around, get them to run, throw rocks and RUN with them, don’t stop them running. Ever,” the instructions read.

It also elaborated on how the nanny is required to keep the boys active with a run. ‘Take them to a park and play WITH them, make sure you act like a kid with them, never serious, keep them in games, if they are not laughing, they are not happy,” it added.

Keep them happy always

nanny job duties
nanny job duties

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One of the most important nanny job duties was to keep the boys happy.

“Keep them in games. If they are not laughing, they are not happy,” she was instructed.

“If they are crying and yelling, they are not happy and as a nanny, you need to get them back happy again,” read the instructions.

Noise a big No-No!

As part of her job she was also asked to ensure sure that the house was noise-free.

“Both of us work and whilst we do our jobs no matter what, it is best done distraction-free. If I am training I don’t want to hear crying or tantrums or head-butting. If the boys are at all noisy, take them OUT of the house.

No screen time for kids, no phone for you during work hours

It was further mentioned that the kids were be given no screentime. It was written, “I want the boys active and not just shoved in front of a movie. Play with them. There is to be no movies whilst under your care.”

She was also further instructed to keep her mobile phone switched off during work.

Cleaning Nazi

nanny job duties
nanny job duties

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The list mentioned that when the kids were asleep, she was to “magically transform into a cleaning nazi.”

The descriptions included a list of 14 cleaning jobs for her. For instance, washing down the kitchen, unloading the pram, emptying the “stinking poo-poo bin and others. It was mentioned that after she completed her duties as mentioned, she would be required to “look around and find anything else that could help things flow in this household better.”

The job description ended with: “If you can master all of this then we have a happy house.”

The Scientologist Family Were Firm In Their Beliefs

Hollis decided not to take the job, the minute she saw the word ‘dianetics” – a term linked to Scientology.

The term “hat” to describe a job is a typical scientology term, and the family referred to Dianetics, a process of cleansing the mind and removing harmful mental images.

According to Scientology beliefs, Scientology itself is a blend of science and spirituality, with belief in an immortal spirit. Scientologists do not typically dwell on Heaven or Hell or the afterlife, instead focuse on the spirit.

$13 per hour payment for the nanny job duties

Her tweet went viral with many comments and likes right after she shared it online. When asked how much she was to be paid, Hollis said US$13 per hour. “Granted that was eight years ago BUT STILL,” she wrote.

“I straight-up read this and thought [the kids] were their pet dogs,” one person said.

Another user replied to her post saying: “I can’t pick what part of this I’m angriest at.”

There were many who pointed that perhaps the most shocking part of it all was that the nanny was expected to feed the children ‘steak with ketchup.’

This list of duties also sounded off am alarm for many who though these were ‘wierd’ and ‘scary.’


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