Nancy Wu wants to continue learning new things

23 Aug – Although she took a long hiatus from television after completing the filming of "Justice Bao: The First Year", Nancy Wu admitted that she has actually done a lot within the space between filming the drama and the actual broadcast.

The actress, who sat down for an interview with Mingpao recently, revealed that she has experienced a lot of first times during her break from filming - which started early this year after wrapping up filming the said drama - from performing on stage, doing a movie, to starring in a musical alongside actor Steven Ma.

Said Nancy, "I took the opportunity [of my break] to do what I wanted to do. I went to perform on stage. I wanted to be a singer when I first entered showbiz, but later on I went into acting. So I was very happy to finally be able to do it. I hope that Nancy Wu will have her own album in the future."

Speaking about doing the musical "Xu Zhimo" and playing a role in the award-winning movie, "Men on the Dragon", Nancy said that both projects were very different from what she was used to.

"Fortunately, I have a foundation from years of acting on television, and was able to absorb the new experience quickly," she said.

Nancy stated that she has no plans to stop at doing television, stage plays and movies, and hopes to continue trying new things in her career.

"I always regard myself a newcomer in these areas and I don't mind facing some hardships. I hope that there will be more challenges, so that I will learn something new all the time," she said.

(Photo Source: Nancy Wu Instagram)