Nancy Wu and Ruco Chan deny awkwardness

11 Nov – Nancy Wu and Ruco Chan have dismissed the idea that there is awkwardness between them since he married TVB newcomer Phoebe Sin.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who had no interaction with Ruco despite standing close to each other during the TVB Sales Presentation, stated that she doesn't know how to answer the media when it comes to her friendship with Ruco.

"I did greet him privately. You don't have to show everybody everything all the time. I already congratulated him on his marriage earlier," she said.

Nancy also added that people should not focus too much on her and Ruco.

On the other hand, Ruco, who appeared at the event with wife Phoebe, said that there were just too many people to talk to and it was hard for him to interact with anybody thoroughly at the event.

"But we did talk about our current projects. We are all doing our own thing. I didn't even get to speak to Shaun Tam that much either," he said.

Phoebe chimed in, saying that she saw Nancy backstage before and that the actress congratulated her for the wedding. However, her husband quickly interrupted, saying that there is no need for her to respond too much about it.

It is noted that Ruco and Nancy were previously rumoured to be in a relationship following their collaboration in the Jazz Boon series, "A Fist within Four Walls". However, it all ended when the actor was caught on a date with Phoebe Sin, whom he married last month.

(Photo Source: On.CC)