Nancy Wu: There has been no work and income lately!

4 Mar – After decidedly taking a long hiatus from work in 2019, Nancy Wu found herself being unintentionally without work now due to the current situation in Hong Kong and the world.

As reported on On CC, the actress recently posted a photo of her holding a newborn baby to announce the birth of her brother's child, writing, "There has been no work and income lately. But I have found a new part-time job, though it comes with NO PAY, except for unlimited patience and love."

"I am so happy. I have been promoted as an aunt. Congratulations to the Wu family for another member!" she added.

Speaking to the media about her current working situation, Nancy stated that she had actually said yes to several jobs, but that they were postponed due to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

"They are all overseas events, so I hope everything will work out soon," she added.

Asked if she has any earnings or has to resort to using her savings, Nancy assured that she is doing fine.

The actress' last TVB series was 2019's "Justice Bao: The First Year".

(Photo Source: Nancy Wu Instagram)