Nancy Wu happy to perform at an event for the first time this year

18 Mar – Nancy Wu has recently made an appearance at the TVB Gala Spectacular - her first showbiz appearance ever since the beginning of 2020.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has not been back to work since her hiatus last year, admitted that work has been scarce since the outbreak of COVID-19, which made her cherish the invitation to perform even more.

"I really hope that the pandemic will soon pass and everything will return to normal. A lot of my colleagues couldn't help but lament about the market, but seeing the situation in Europe recently, I knew that it isn't easy anywhere," she said.

Nancy said that rather than feel saddened by the lack of work, she would instead use the time to take a good rest and prepare for work as soon as the situation gets better.

"I used the time to continue to exercise and train my body, and I even have more time to practice singing and improve myself," she said.

As for her income, the actress assured that she is doing well as she still has her savings.

"There is nothing to worry," she added.

(Photo Source: Nancy Wu Instagram)