Naim Daniel blasted anti-vaxxers

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24 Aug – After calling out insurance agents and warning them against using Siti Sarah's death as a way to boost sales, singer Naim Daniel recently directed his ire against anti-vaccine groups for being entitled.

The singer, who has been quite vocal in his opinions about various subjects of late, recently went on Twitter to criticise the anti-vaxxers, writing, "Anti-vax, but want privilege like those who are vaccinated. Shameless."

Speaking about his recent tweet, Naim said that this particular group of people should realise that getting the vaccine is a way to take care of one's health and the people around them.

"Yes, it's a choice and a right. But it becomes compulsory when it comes to preserving lives. We're already being given a lot of information about it. It's a way to prevent COVID-19 together. Don't be selfish," he said.

Speaking about his recent decision to speak his mind on social media, Naim said that he will continue to use the platform to spread information and positive messages.

"We're not just performers and celebrities, but we have to do our duty to our fans and supporters. It's our responsibility to spread good messages. So I hope my fellow celebrities will use these platforms for good as well," he added.

Naim uses social media to spread information and positive messages
Naim uses social media to spread information and positive messages

(Photo Source: Naim Daniel Instagram)

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