The Must Have Beauty Products for Fall

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Goodbye summer, hello fall! As the weather gets cooler, our skin needs change. Cold weather makes our skin dry up, and ultimately causes irritation and signs of aging. We’ve rounded up the best brands to shop for skincare this fall.

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Soke brings the fountain of youth with their patent pending mask treatments that plump, firm, and hydrate your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Aura Inner Beauty creates delicious powders and elixirs that nourish your body from within. And Three Ships is an all-natural skincare line that is committed to providing quality products at an affordable price.


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Want to save time on your beauty routine as we head back to the offices/life this fall? Consider Soke, a new treatment that plumps up the chest, neck and area around the eyes within 30 minutes.

Did you know that the skin on your chest, decolletage and eyes is totally different to the skin on your face? Not only does the cell composition change when looking at this area, but the dermis is thinner and more prone to wrinkling. Whether meeting in person or on a Zoom call, newcomer Soke's treatment restores the often looked-over areas of the chest and decolletage to make it as vibrant as the rest of our face.

Infused with a proprietary combination of potent hydrogel and multi-peptides to boost collagen production, plump lines, brighten and rejuvenate, this unique treatment allows women to take agency over their ageing. And to combat the signs of aging on the more delicate areas, one needs to start sooner rather than later-beginning in their late 20’s.

AURA Inner Beauty

Have you experienced brain fog, a drop in productivity or the stress of being overextended over the last several months? Chances are you are not alone and that is why we are excited to introduce you to INNER FOCUS, the newest addition to the AURA Inner Beauty powder line. With a brain boosting blend that uses the wonders of nootropics, nervines, mushrooms and pre/probiotics to nourish the physical and biochemical connections of the gut-brain axis, INNER FOCUS supports mental functions such as focus, stamina, enhances memory, performance and relieves restlessness for a calm, collected mind.

All of these benefits packed into a delicious powder will help you get the day started by enhancing your INNER FOCUS.

AURA Inner Beauty is redefining inner beauty by connecting your skin, body and mind through elevated, holistic nutrition. Discover INNER BALANCE for the body, INNER BEAUTY for the skin, and INNER FOCUS for the mind as the perfect wellness trio. It will be available as of September 8th, online at as well as top retailers such as Holt Renfrew, Bergdorf Goodman, and The Detox Market. Its packaging is made from Biotre. This groundbreaking material is made out of 60% biodegradable renewable wood pulp and 40% polyurethane for the liner to protect the ingredients from oxidation. Biotre has an added derivative to break down the polyurethane liner within 5-10 years, rather than 1,000 years.

Three Ships

Three Ships skincare was created by two university graduates with a mission of becoming the most effective, transparent, and affordable natural skincare out there. Three Ships products are 100% plant-derived and certified cruelty-free with no artificial ingredients. They formulate their products using only the highest quality natural ingredients with high concentrations of natural actives, ranging all the way up to 99%.

Three Ships doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to sustainability, they go above and beyond. Three Ships integrate upcycled ingredients into their formulas to use produce that would usually end up in food waste. Every Three Ships product is a bottle of sustainability. The ethically sourced, natural and vegan/cruelty-free products are packaged in sustainable glass bottles which can be recycled endlessly to reduce long-term waste.

Fall weather is bound to make your lips dry. Treat yourself with the Three Ships Lip Kit Treatment. The Lip Kit Treatment is a decadent and healing combo for dry lips. First buff up your pout with Three Ships’ Vanilla Lip Exfoliator. This triple-action scrub exfoliates and conditions lips. Fine sugar crystals remove dry skin/flakes and make lips look plump and full while natural shea butter and oils hydrate and soothe. The second step is to add another layer of nourishment to your lips with the Buttercream Lip Mask. With high concentrations of fatty acids, shea butter acts as a skin conditioning agent to promote soft, smooth healthy skin. The other hero ingredient in this lip mask is coconut oil which forms a protective barrier to seal moisture into the top layer of skin. Simply apply overnight for extra soft and smooth lips when you wake-up.

As we move into fall, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. Nourish your skin with Three Ships Hydrate 49% Almond Oil Serum. Rich in Omega-3s, which are essential fatty acids, this serum maintains the skin’s lipid layer and retains moisture. It also contains Pumpkin Oil and Vitamin E which deeply hydrates and nourishes even the driest skin.

Freshen up for fall with these three unique beauty brands. Keep your skin hydrated with Three Ships nourishing serums, creams, and lip kits. Look younger with Soke’s clinically proven mask treatments and take care of your insides with Aura Inner Beauty’s powders and elixirs.

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