Mumsnet user asks if it's OK to tell newly-vegan guest to bring own dish for Christmas

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
A woman is struggling with the task of catering for a vegan guest at Christmas. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has divided opinion on Mumsnet after asking whether she’s justified in asking a newly-vegan family member to bring their own dish to a Christmas Day meal she is hosting.

In the AIBU [Am I Being Unreasonable] forum on Mumsnet, the user asked others’ opinion of her plan.

She explained she cooks the festive meal for her family every year, and is planning to make a pork joint along with a turkey joint for her ten guests to enjoy.

But one guest has since announced she is now vegan – putting a spanner in the works for her Christmas feast.

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“I'll have to sort a vegan main, gravy, dessert etc,” the woman laments – adding that she also has a nut allergy sufferer in the party which rules out a number of vegan options, and has already planned the whole meal around the size of her oven and hob.

The dilemma has been met with a mixed response on the parenting platform.

Some supported the host’s suggestion.

“Yanbu [You Are Not Being Unreasonable] to suggest they cater for themselves imo [In My Opinion],” wrote one person. “You have nine others to organise. If it's a fad they may be carnivorous by 25/12 anyway!!”

Another added: If you're not going to have the space in your oven I think it's reasonable. Plus, depending on how strict a vegan they are, they might not want their food in the oven at the same time as non-vegan food.”

But others suggested she was being a bad host.

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“I think you are being a bit unreasonable. I understand the nut allergy of your other guest but I'm sure you could buy something that wouldn't be terribly troublesome to heat up and a cold dessert to serve,” said one person.

Another offered: “You're already serving two kinds of meat for people's choices and avoiding nuts in order to be a good host, how can adding a vegan option be that much harder? Either cater to your guests needs or don't bother.”

One person suggested compromising halfway, and asking the guest what they are comfortable with eating: “I'd ask if they're happy with just veg and trimmings. If not then with a couple of vegan sausages. If not then ask them to bring their own.”

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