New Mum Worried About Harming Her Newborn By Accident

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Are you constantly anxious about your newborn’s health and safety? Well then, you are not alone. It is normal for new parents to freak out because taking care of newborn alone is One. Big. Task!

As Dr Jonathan Abramowitz, who is quoted in a Life Hacker report, explains, “This is not because you plan to do any of these things. Nor it is because these things are going to happen. It’s because “our brains are creative, and we wonder whether we could do certain things or whether certain things could happen.”

A mum recently shared her fears about constantly harming her newborn. She asked on Reddit if this is a ‘thing’ with her or others as well.

Taking Care Of Newborn Alone Worried This Mum

taking care of newborn alone
taking care of newborn alone

Screengrab: Reddit

The user shared her concern in a Reddit post that has gone viral and resonated with many new parents:

  • “Earlier I felt like when I picked them up they could have slipped from my hands. I had a decent grip but it wasn’t 100% confident.”

  • “Taking a nap while they are sleeping is uncomforting and there is no way good sleep will happen, so we are on rotation.”

She added, “It’s worse for me because my baby choked/coughed real bad the first night for some reason and my SO couldn’t even wake me up by shouting at me and pushing me. I’m personally afraid I’ll sleep through any issues and ironically sleeping this anxious makes me more tired and prone to crashing and sleeping through problems.”

One may wonder why is she not using a baby monitor in her child’s room. To which she says, “This is why I don’t have an owlet, I’d be having anxiety attacks from false alarms and worsen my insecurities.”

Many new mums responded to her posts echoing the common sentiment that it is “absolutely normal to worry.”

What Other Mums Thought About This Issue

taking care of newborn alone
taking care of newborn alone

Screengrab: Reddit

1. Confidence comes later as the baby’s neck muscles grow firmer

A user wrote, “The first few weeks the worry to drop the baby/hold the baby wrong was insane. The more confident you get and the stronger the baby becomes in neck muscles and so on, the less worried you are.”

2.”You’re not mental”

This is the kind of pat that the Redditor mum may have needed. One user wrote, “Mine is 21mo and I’ve only just stopped worrying that she might be dead when she oversleeps or is away at her grandparents. It gets easier. You’re not mental. Good job Mumma.”

3.”You will come out of this crazy newborn super worry stage”

Echoing similar sentiment as shared by other mums, this user wrote, “As they get bigger you get worried about it less, you get new worries but for me at least it’s not as bad as those early days/ months…… before you know it you’ll be out of the crazy newborn super worry stage.”

4.”Be prepared to worry for the rest of your life”

This mum shared that she still worries even though her kids are a bit older now. She said, “I worry what if I didn’t get their lifejacket on correctly and they fall off the boat. Or what if I misgauged their fever, and they pass away in the night unexpectedly. I remember asking my sister about it once when my first was a newborn, and she said “I hate to tell you this, but be prepared to worry for the rest of your life.” And it’s so true.”

It is natural to worry about your kids. Right? But, you need to have control over your thoughts.

5. Know when to consult a doc

One mum pointed that it was normal to have such thoughts. But suggested the user, “If your thoughts start taking any weird turns, let your doctor know so you can receive treatment for anxiety.”

According to research, such thoughts are normal and they often peak around six weeks post delivery but then begin to ease in the following months. However, if you are still worrying about them constantly, here are some tips to help you relax.

Taking Care Of Newborn Alone Means Taking Care of Yourself Too

taking care of newborn alone
taking care of newborn alone

Image courtesy: istockphoto

  • Accept your thoughts

It is very important to accept that these thoughts are normal. In fact, they might linger in your mind for a long time. The best way to get rid of them is by acknowledging their existence and then diverting your mind to something else.

  • Share your insecurities

Try sharing your thoughts with somebody you trust. It could be your mum or your best friend. They won’t judge you and in fact, might share some of their own experiences. You can also vent our online, as this mum did and get advise and suggestions from fellow new parents.

  • Baby proof your house

If you are still worried, then babyproof the house to prevent tripping or falling. Keep sharp and small objects away from their reach. Check that there are no snags on carpets or rugs. Do keep objects away from the stairs, this will minimise the risk to a large extent.

  • Stop comparing

Do not compare yourself with another new parent. Everybody’s journey is as different as chalk and cheese and that helps parent kids differently. There is no wrong or right as long as you are working towards your child’s happiness and good health.

  • Keep a tab on postpartum anxiety

Yes, most of us are aware of postpartum depression, but how many of us know about postpartum anxiety? According to research, postpartum anxiety symptoms are reported in up to 18 percent of women. But experts say that the numbers may be higher because many women are never diagnosed.

Postpartum anxiety can affect a mother’s ability to bond with her baby. If she’s too afraid to care for the baby or feels like she’s bad for the baby, there can be negative developmental implications. Therefore, it is important to look for the signs of loneliness or rejection of the baby, and seek professional help.

Worrying about kids is a part of parenting. But equally, there is nothing wrong in seeking help. After all, a relaxed mind can help strengthen your bond with your child.

News source: Reddit


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