Mum spends £28,000 on surgery to look like Barbie

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer

A mother dubbed the UK’s ‘oldest Barbie‘ is so dedicated to looking like the doll, she got a nose job to celebrate the toy’s 60th birthday.

Rachel Evans, 48, lives by the mantra “life in plastic is fantastic” and decided to mark the milestone by spending £495 on a non-surgical rhinoplasty.

The aim of the surgery was to get the “perfect” doll-like nose with the surgeon inserting fillers to even out apparent “wonkiness”.

“I have always wanted to have it corrected since my teenage years when it was broken and Barbie’s birthday seemed like the perfect time to do it,” she explained.

Rachel Evans has spent £28,000 on surgery so far in a bid to look like Barbie [Photo: Caters]

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But it’s not the first time she’s gone under the knife in tribute to Barbie, as she has already racked up a £28,000 surgery bill.

The mother-of-one underwent nose surgery in a bid to look more like Barbie [Photo: Caters]

This includes £10,500 for botox, £3,500 for lip fillers and £1,250 for eye-bad removal.

The mother-of-one kick-started her journey into looking like Barbie 16-years-ago and now works as a professional ‘Living Fashion Doll’.

“Over the years I have had thousands of pounds worth of surgery to go from a tomboy to Barbie, and I’m not going to stop any time soon,” Evans said.

Rachel Evans celebrated Barbie’s 60th birthday with a nose job [Photo: Caters[

“There is always some sort of maintenance that can be done to increase my look and I won’t stop until I am the perfect Barbie I know I can be.”

But her recent nose job isn’t the only way the wannabe Barbie is celebrating the doll’s birthday, as Evans also plans to enjoy a night out.

A photograph of Rachel Evans before beginning her cosmetic surgery journey [Photo: Caters[

“I will be putting on my best pink, plastic outfit to look as much like Barbie as possible whilst I am out celebrating,” she revealed.

Rachel Evans will also celebrate Barbie’s birthday with a night out [Photo: Caters]

“I will be drinking virgin cocktails, as Barbie does not drink alcohol and will be shouting ‘Happy 60th birthday Barbie!’ all night.”

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And although the cost of her recent surgery is adding up, she wouldn’t change a thing.

“My facial cosmetic procedures must come first in my life and always have – everything else is put on the back burner,” Evans admitted. “Which means I have to sacrifice luxuries like a nice car and holidays, but it’s worth it.”