How New Mum Sheila Sim Is Getting Her Pre-Baby Body Back

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Local actress-model Sheila Sim recently took to Instagram to share how she’s started to work her body back in shape post-pregnancy.

After a nine-month long break, the celeb mum is ready to get her fitness groove back and has decided to take her fans along on this transformative journey.

In her post she talked about her new goal towards staying healthy and fit. The actress even uploaded photos of her recent workout sessions.

Sheila Sim Is Back To Her Exercise Routine Months After Pregnancy

exercise after pregnancy
exercise after pregnancy

Image source: Instagram / sheila_sim

“After taking a 9-month hiatus from working out, I’m finally back on the bandwagon!” Sim wrote on her Instagram post.

Just as other mums have probably experienced, Sheila opened up about how despite staying active even during her pregnancy, her “current body state” was not how it used to be.

The nine months she spent without working out made her feel “quite lousy, physically and mentally.”

“I feel lethargic all the time, and I literally feel my muscles weakening away, especially after pregnancy, child birth and breastfeeding, my posture and alignment is completely off,” wrote the actress.

But now the celeb mummy is back to her exercise routine after pregnancy and shared how she worked out “8 times in the last 8 days!”

Sheila added that her motivation to get back in shape is thanks to her workout buddy.

She wrote, “I love our enthusiasm! We mustn’t let this blazing fire and determination die down k!”

Tips To Get Back In Shape Postpartum

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One of the best ways to get back in shape postpartum is, of course, getting back to your previous exercise routine.

For new mums who want their pre-baby bodies back just like Sheila Sim, here are a few tips for exercising after delivery:

  • Try pelvic tilts and Kegels. This is usually allowed days after your delivery if your doctor permits it.

  • Go for a swim. Swimming is one of the best workouts as it involves using virtually every muscle in your body. It’s also a fun aerobic workout for the summer.

  • Breastfeed your baby. The greatest way a new mum can burn calories is simply by breastfeeding her little one. Your baby gets fed and you get to start getting back to shape – it’s a win-win!

  • Go for regular walks. Take walks daily and track down your progress. It is another simple yet effective way to get back in shape.

  • Change up your diet. Eating more healthily has its benefits and it can certainly help you achieve getting back your pre-baby body.

Remember that staying fit is a process. So you shouldn’t rush in trying to get back to shape. Stay active but stay healthy as well, new mummies!

Lead image source Instagram / sheila_sim.


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