Mum shares two-step cleaning hack to remove stubborn stains

One mum uses washing up liquid and a hairdryer to get rid of tough stain. [Photo: Getty]
One mum uses washing up liquid and a hairdryer to get rid of tough stain. [Photo: Getty]

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as looking at a stain that just won’t budge.

One savvy couple have answered our cleaning woes, though, with their simple but effective cleaning tip.

She posted her tip on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean after another woman asked for advice. The other woman was struggling to get a vegetable oil stain out of her floor.

She wrote: “This is my enemy in our house… I hate it, it’s a vegetable oil spill from a few years ago on raw jarrah wood floors.”

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Luckily the woman, who was at her wits end with the stain, posted at the right time.

A fellow user quickly recommended the tip that both herself and her husband swear by. Her husband is a floor sander, so has had to deal with his fair share of tough stains.

The woman replied, “My husband is a floor sander and he said to use warm water with Palmolive washing liquid as it removes grease and oils.”

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The woman was able to get the tough stain out of her floor using a £2 bottle of washing-up liquid, usually reserved for dirty dishes.

However, thanks to its formula – which actively dissolves fat – the woman was able buff it up in no time.

And guess what? Palmolive isn’t the only dual-use product to take on pesky chores.

Baby Powder

That’s right, the sweet-smelling powder doubles up to help you untangle your jewellery. Simply place your jewellery on a smooth surface, sprinkle the powder on your tangled items and use a pin to gently untangle it.


We all know vinegar is a bit of a hero ingredient when it comes to the home. But, did you know you can use it in the garden, too? Mix vinegar with lemon juice, salt and a bit of soap and it’ll get rid of hard to budge weeds in no time.

Some people just use vinegar, but the combination of all four ingredients really helps to stick to the weeds.

Tea Bags

We’ve all heard of baking soda in the fridge to take away bad odours, thanks – in large part – to Mrs. Hinch. But, did you know old tea bags do exactly the same job? Simply put them in a jar and shut the door. Job done.

Baking Soda

Yes, it can take away odours in the fridge. Did you know it can also help unblock your sink? Well, you do now.

Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain. Then, slowly add half a cup of white vinegar and let it rest for five minutes. After that time, pour a kettle full boiling water down the drain and, like magic, the drain should unclog.

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