Mum Shares Heartfelt Story Of Finding A Good Samaritan In Singapore

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While you can always debate whether the world is good or bad, depending on how your life is shaping up, you can’t deny there’s a sense of gloom around the world today.

The pandemic has been a testing period for everyone including the folks of Singapore. In addition to this, there’s a struggling economy, cases of racism and restrictions all around. Not really the “golden age,” is it?

We wouldn’t judge if you want to complain about all that’s wrong in the world. There is plenty that needs to be fixed. But once in a while, we hear about people doing good deeds for others that restore our faith in humanity.

One Singapore mum on Reddit recently narrated her experience of finding a good samaritan at the least possible moment. And this has our hearts melting.

Broken Fan Set Things In Motion

doing good deeds for others
doing good deeds for others

Image Source: Pexels

The Redditor mum wrote, “On Sunday one of my daughters knocked over a fan and broke the blade. I had to go to Jalan Besar and buy something from Sim Lim Tower anyway, so I volunteered to try and get a new blade for her. I took the blade with me and set off.

Now many, many years ago I worked in that area and remembered that there were lots of small hardware shops selling unusual things so I thought I would have no problem.

I found out, after walking around for over an hour, that these little shops were now all dedicated to selling lighting or turned into pubs. I was just about to give up and go home when I spotted a tiny shop in Townsend Road behind Jln Berseh food centre.”

When All Hope Was Lost

doing good deeds for others
doing good deeds for others

Image Source: Pexels

She continued, “I went up to this shop and was greeted by a middle-aged lady and I explained my predicament showing her the broken blade. Out of nowhere, there appeared a very small old man. He asked to see the blade and then disappeared into the recesses of the shop.

He came back with a new blade but did not look the same. We compared the similarities of the two blades and he said that he thought it might work. I agreed to take it and asked him how much it was. He replied that as he didn’t know if it would work, I should take it and try it. If it worked good.

If it didn’t he asked if I could bring it back next time I was passing. He told me he had taken it off a fan that someone had bought in for repair but which was irreparable.”

“I took the blade home and it worked perfectly. My daughter had got a “new” fan for nothing. I thought I would share this to show that there are still some really good people left in Singapore and that not all news is bad,” the mum concluded.

What Do The Netizens Say About Doing Good Deeds For Others?

The incident struck an emotional chord with other Singapore users who were smitten by the wholesome story of doing good deeds for others.

One user wrote, “You should come back and bring him something nice.” Another commented, “Indeed, a simple story of one human helping out another out of pure goodwill.”

One Redditor reckoned that the more good Singaporeans would be vastly noticeable if not for the system.

She wrote, “There are many good people in Singapore. This would be vastly more noticeable if the system and culture did not aggressively encourage and constantly publicise sinkies dragging each other down.”

Another user shared her introspection, “Simple acts like this can make another person happy easily, but people like to complicate things and make themselves (or even others) more unhappy.”

Doing Good Deeds For Others: What To Teach Your Child About Compassion

Being good is a quality that is inherent within each of us but sometimes lost due to circumstances or just the world outside.

In a place where things are extremely calculative, and individualistic, someone stepping out and helping another and doing good deeds for others is indeed special and needs to be celebrated more often.

With the next generation, we need to ensure that we teach them the essential qualities of being a good human being. Do remember to teach your child to:

doing good deeds for others
doing good deeds for others

Image Source: Unsplash

1. Be polite

Humility goes a long way in life and kids need to practice it whether at school or home. Right from the way they talk to friends, teachers or the elders at home, they need to be polite and respect everyone, irrespective of their stature.

2. Be empathetic

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon and the earlier kids understand their privilege, the better it is. A lot of people may be ignorant of this and often flaunt their wealth in the most unnecessary places.

Always remember, those who are truly wealthy need not have to flaunt it.

3. Listen more, talk less

Instead of blowing your trumpet, remember to listen to what others have to say. It not only leaves others with a good impression of you but will also give you the opportunity to learn something from what they have to say.

4. Pay it forward

Someone helped you out of the blue. It’s okay if you can’t help them immediately. Do remember that kind gesture and always pay it forward when you have the opportunity to do so.

They say that to be in a position to help someone else is a true privilege that only a lucky few get. Count your blessings, my friend, you are one of those few.

doing good deeds for others
doing good deeds for others

Image Source: Pexels

5. Practice what you preach

As parents, set an example for your child to follow. Practice what you preach especially when it comes to doing good deeds for others. Be considerate to the people around you. Do remember, children notice everything and more likely to emulate the bad than the good.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for teaching them these core values.


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