Mum Sees “Paranormal Activity” In Her Baby’s Crib, Shares Spooky Video

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Mum and TikToker, Erika Danielle (@erikadaniellexo) is going viral for capturing what she claims is a ghost in baby crib. The video has amassed over 9 million views and 16,000 comments after she added the spooky video to her profile.

TikTok is literally freaking out at the footage which Erika claims shows paranormal activity in her baby’s crib. Here’s what the mum experienced.

Mum Claims She Saw Ghost In Baby’s Crib

Erica wrote in her spooky video‘s caption, “We have paranormal things happening a lot in our home. Look very closely, or you might miss it.”

The video that she shared on TikTok starts with her baby sleeping soundly in his crib. But, soon his sleep is disturbed and he begins to toss. The baby wakes up, rubbing his eyes.

It was then that Erica thinks she saw an orb flutter out from under her baby. Tiny lights flew up from the mattress and then disappears from the frame.

Fellow TikTokers however, commented that they saw more than just an alleged orb.

Other TikTokers Express Concern

There were thousands of comments below the video.

One user wrote, “It looked like something was moving his leg from the beginning and then moved his head and arm! Like it was checking him out.”

Another pointed out that the baby’s foot was actually getting dragged.

A user, however, comforted everyone saying there is nothing to be scared of, saying, “That’s an orb; it protects the baby.”

There were some who suggested the mum and her family immediately move out of the house.

While others outrightly rejected the notion of a paranormal activity taking place.“That is just an illuminated dust particle. You and your little one are safe,” said another fellow TikToker.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time such a spooky incident has been reported. Here are three such instances where parents allegedly saw ‘ghosts’ in the baby’s crib.

Ghost In Baby Crib: 3 Similar “Paranormal” Experiences

1. Tennesse mum sees ‘orb hovering over her sleeping baby’

The 30-year-old Lindsey Novosel from Tennessee saw some strange movements on her one-year-old daughter’s monitor on June 28 this year.

She found a strange “circle” moving around the space as the camera captured the motion. She then went to check on her daughter, who was sound asleep and didn’t see anything.

It disappeared from view several times and then again appeared.

She experienced other haunting experiences in the same house and when she checked, she found out that a previous owner had died in the same house.

2. TikTok dad shares spooky video of ghost in his baby’s crib

Earlier this year, a TikTok dad shared a horrifying video of a ghost in his baby’s crib. The video had captured the baby being pulled under the bed.

The clip uploaded by @joshdean0222 read “My daughter being pulled under the bed… wife thinks she crawled but she was pulled by something.”

In the video, the baby can be seen getting off the bed before walking over to the end.

But, then she starts to panic and cries “mummy” as her legs disappear from view.

3. “Ghost baby appears”

This mum was terrified when she checked her baby monitor one night in 2019. She saw that her son Lincoln, was not alone in his crib. The monitor showed a “ghost baby” lying next to her son.

The mum had written, “I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son.” She shared the photo to a mummy group on Facebook that night in the hopes of getting some second opinion on her photo.

But she later found there was no “ghost baby.” In fact, there was a baby’s face on a label attached to the child’s mattress. It showed up on her child’s monitor because he had drooled onto it.

Spooky indeed!

News source: Yahoo


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