Mum Killed In Crash While On The Way Home To Celebrate Son’s O-Level Exam Results

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She was walking back home from buying sushi to surprise her son following his achievement after the O-Level examinations when Ms Or Cheng Khim got involved in an accident. She never made it home.

The preschool teacher’s assistant was critically injured after getting hit by a lorry last Tuesday (12 January) and died two days later.

Mum Gets Killed In Crash On Her Way To Celebrate With Son 

recent road accidents
recent road accidents

Image Source: Singapore Uncensored

Ms Or’s son was worried that he would fail his O-level examinations but both mother and son were overjoyed to find out he had actually managed to qualify for his desired course. After hearing the great news, his mum wanted to surprise him with sushi she bought for the occasion.

But just a short distance away from their home, she was hit by a lorry at the junction of Yuan Ching Road and Yung Kuang Road in Jurong. 

Ms Or was critically injured after the crash and was brought unconscious to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Her sister, Ms Samantha Or, said that the doctor had told their family a scan had revealed severe swelling in the brain. 

The 52-year-old mother then died two days later. 

The driver connected to the accident has reportedly been arrested for careless driving and investigations are still ongoing. 

Despite this, the family has still forgiven the 69-year-old driver for the accident. Her sister, Ms Samantha Or, said “It was difficult for our family, but we are doing what my sister would have done. She was forgiving and helpful.”

Family Fondly Remembers Mother’s Kindness And Generosity

Ms Or Cheng Kim was as a preschool teacher’s assistant and also worked as a freelance balloon sculptor. In an interview with The New Paper, Ms Or’s son, Ng Song Ching said his mum was an active person who loved nature and the outdoors

The family also shared that Ms Or enjoyed rearing caterpillars in her free time then releasing them as butterflies. She was also an active volunteer at the Bukit Panjang Butterfly Garden. A few of her fellow balloon sculptor friends even prepared a butterfly-themed sculpture made out of 3,000 balloons for her wake.

At his mother’s wake, Mr Ng shared that he originally wanted to talk with her about his future plans that night and added how she would give him the freedom to choose his own path in his education as long as it would make it him happy.

When they were asked, Ms Or’s family agreed to donate her organs to the hospital including her kidneys, liver and corneas. 

“This is something that we knew my mother would have wanted. She was a generous person who liked to help others,” said her son.

Lead image source from Facebook / Nature @ Seletar Country Club and Singapore Uncensored. 


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