Mum Dies After Giving Birth To Her Fifth Child, Neighbours Start Fundraiser To Support Family

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In an unfortunate turn of events, a young mother in Singapore died just a month after giving birth to her fifth child. She reportedly passed away due to heart failure in March.

And while this left the family devastated, it was her neighbours who decided to come together to support them. They started a fundraiser for the grieving family–and needless to say– were supported wholeheartedly by citizens.

Mum Dies After Giving Birth, Leaving Behind Her Husband And Five Kids

Image source: Give.Asia website

The mother, Su, left behind five young children aged between two-months and 7-years, and her husband, Joe; who is the sole breadwinner of the family.

According to the Give.Asia post his income as a Safety Coordinator wasn’t able to cover the monthly family expenses. Especially, since three of the children are still on formula milk and in diapers.

To add to his ordeal, the eldest son has also been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and needs special care. And even though his school fee has been waived off, Joe still needs to pay bus transportation fee.

Plus, Joe also has to take time off work to look after the kids. Which means he works fewer hours, leading to a loss of income.

Donation For Family In Need: Good Samaritans Raise Funds

donation for family in need
donation for family in need

Image source: Give.Asia website

After learning about the loss and his financial condition, Joe’s neighbours decided to start a fundraiser. The good Samaritans insisted on helping him cover his monthly expenditure.

The fundraiser was also aimed at helping Joe purchase educational insurance for all five kids. (This would be at S$10,000 each until they reach the age of 21-years.)

The campaign–that is now over–has since received government assistance and managed to raise more than S$125,000, including medical subsidies.

But other potential donors can also support Joe and his kids by contributing daily essentials and household items such as:

  • Children’s clothes

  • Shoes

  • Food

  • Milk powder

  • Diapers

If you wish to make a donation for this family in need, you can reach out here.

Lead image source from Give.Asia website.


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