Mui Siu Ching says "Forensic Heroes IV" cast are carefully picked

5 Mar – Although TVB usually casts its actors randomly in its series, producer Mui Siu Ching recently stressed that is not the case at all when she was planning for the fourth instalment of her hit franchise, "Forensic Heroes".

The producer, who sat down for an interview to talk about her final series before retirement, stated that she has her own reasons for casting the actors that ended up in the said series, including Shaun Tam, Selena Lee, and Alice Chan.

"Every casting is a test on perspective. Raymond Wong [who plays senior chemist Ko On] has the calm and contemplative eyes that I wanted. Selena [who plays Senior Forensic Pathologist Man Ka Hei] speaks fluent English. We have also worked together before, and she's a really hard worker," she said.

As for Shaun - who plays CID Senior Inspector Kwok Fai Wong, Mui said that the team originally had their reservations, but that they changed their minds after seeing the sincerity and hard work shown by the actor.

When it comes to Alice, who played one of the Scientific Evidence Officers Shui Wai Ming, Mui stated that she has always loved the actress' performance.

"When it comes to handling her roles, Alice has good control. She is diligent and never complained. So when we started "Forensic Heroes IV", we immediately wanted her in," she said.

Aside from the four mentioned, the series also cast actors like Fred Cheng, Rebecca Zhu, William Chu, Wiyona Yeung, and Arnold Kwok.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)