Mouawad fine jewellery stars in new Princess Diana film, Spencer

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Many people started talking about the Princess Diana film Spencer after its international release. The buzz was about Kristen Stewart's star turn in the role of Princess Diana and the fabulous fashion and the stunning jewellery – all created by iconic jewellery atelier Mouawad.

Kristen Stewart took on the role of Princess Diana in the movie Spencer. PHOTO: Mouawad
Kristen Stewart took on the role of Princess Diana in the movie Spencer. PHOTO: Mouawad

If you are into fine jewellery, you will know that Mouawad is one of the best in the world. Family-owned and operated, the business has served crowned heads of state, celebrities and aficionados of fine jewellery for over 130 years. Now gracing the silver screen, Mouawad fine jewellery pieces are the glittering stars of Spencer.

“Mouawad was approached by the team behind Spencer to be the exclusive jewellery sponsor,” explains Jessica Nasr, the director of Marketing and Communications at Mouawad Singapore.

“Mouawad was a natural choice based on its 131 years of heritage of craftsmanship in fine jewellery and watchmaking, and its renown as the jeweller of choice to royalty and to celebrities across the world.”

Rather than recreate historical jewellery pieces, Mouawad was able to source the items needed from its extensive and exclusive inventory.

The Blue Sapphire ring featured in Spencer starring Kristen Stewart. PHOTO: Mouawad
The Blue Sapphire ring featured in Spencer starring Kristen Stewart. PHOTO: Mouawad

“We wanted to portray Princess Diana’s classic style and effortless elegance. We also wanted to adorn her with jewellery that was historically accurate and would have been similar to what she had worn at the time,” explains Ms Nasr.

All the items worn in the film were "carefully selected to evoke the quintessential style of Diana", Ms Nasr says.

Despite much of the planning being undertaken during the pandemic, Ms Nasr says that working with the filmmakers was relatively smooth: “It was a generally smooth process, although this meant that most of the communication took place via emails and phone calls.”

Like the rest of the world, the team at Mouawad are very excited about the great reception the film has received.

“With this film reaching a wide international audience, it is a fantastic medium through which to highlight Mouawad’s rich heritage as a jeweller to royalty, and to show the beauty of classic jewellery and its ability to transcend time,” says Ms Nasr.

The brand is also hoping that by seeing lots of fabulous pieces of jewellery on the big screen, people will think more about investing in something beautiful themselves.

The movie Spencer. PHOTO: Mouawad
The movie Spencer. PHOTO: Mouawad

“I think [the film] shows people that jewellery can be part of our everyday lives and that good jewellery stands the test of time. We hope that our beautiful pieces have encouraged more people to consider investing in good quality jewellery,” Ms Nasr says.

And while Mouawad had to adapt to the ups and downs of doing business during the pandemic, Ms Nasr is happy to report that people are still in love with buying fine jewellery.

“We have noticed that people are more interested in better quality gems and investing in the right pieces these days. Customers are now more keen on coloured gems and have started exploring less well known gems and colours," she says. "Colourful gems just like Princess Diana's stunning blue sapphire engagement ring."

Mouawad Boutique is located at 290 Orchard Road, Mall, #03-12 Paragon. For more information about the brand, go to

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