Mother warns of candle-burning danger after daughter, 6, has to have fingers and toes amputated

Caroline Allen

A mother-of-two has warned about the dangers of burning candles indoors after her daughter suffered 68 per cent burns all over her body.

They were staying in an apartment block on a family holiday when the apartment below theirs burst into flames.

It turned out that an unattended candle in the flat below had got too close to the sofa and caught the apartment alight.

It quickly travelled up to where Kenzie, six, was enjoying a family break. Kenzie hid herself in a bedroom and was discovered three minutes later with severe burns.

Mother-of-two speaks out after her daughter suffers amputations after a fire caused by candle. [Photo: Caters]

Following on from this, Kenzie had to spend four months in hospital. She had numerous surgeries, including skin grafts and also had her left fingers and toes amputated.

Now, her mother, Jessica, 42, wants to “make the dangers of lighting candles known” so that it doesn’t happen to anybody else’s children.

Kenzie remained in hospital for four months and had to have several surgeries. [Photo: Caters]

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She said “Kenzie had biweekly surgeries to remove all of the dead skin and replace it with the surviving skin on her thigh, as well as clearing her body from infection that she had accrued.”

“The most devastating news came before her forth surgery where we were told that she would have to have her fingers and toes on the left side of her body removed, as they had completely died.”

Kenzie, left, with sister, Teegan, before the incident. [Photo: Caters]

Kenzie struggled to understand what this meant for her. Once they were amputated, she woke up unable to figure out where her hands and fingers had gone.”

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Jessica described this as “heartbreaking”.

Kenzie is now recovering and coming to terms with her injuries. Now, Jessica wants to share her brave daughter’s story with the world.

As amazing as she is, this situation could have easily been avoided if a candle wasn’t lit in the first place – and that’s what I want people to know.”

She finishes by saying: “Hopefully by seeing what my baby has been through, people will stop leaving candles unattended and see the life changing affects it can have.”