The Most Epic Teen Bedrooms in TV History

alex russo's bedroom on wizards of waverly place
Behold: The 22 Best Teen Bedrooms on TVDisney

As a teen, your bedroom acts as a sanctuary where you can visually express yourself. And no kids who were coming of age seemed better at embracing their inner interior designer than those in iconic teen dramas and sitcoms on TV. With free rein to paint the walls and bring in personality-packed decor (sorry, children of strict parents!), on-screen teens resided in some of the coolest bedrooms we've ever seen and will forever envy. Many serve as major inspiration for their good design and inventive elements, while others exist as impressive time capsules of what youths everywhere were into during the decade they rose to popularity.

If you're eager to look back on epic teen bedrooms that graced the small screen, we've compiled the best of the best for your viewing pleasure below. From Carly Shay's playful bedroom makeover to Blair Waldorf's upscale oasis, these teen bedrooms will go down as the most unforgettable rooms in TV history. Get ready to feel an intense wave of nostalgia!


Carly Shay’s playful, eccentric bedroom may be the most over-the-top teen room—especially considering its ridiculous fictional $82,000 price tag! It has everything a high-spirited teen with funky taste might adore. There's an elevated bed with a built-in trampoline for literally jumping into bed; a water coffee table with floating boats; an avant-garde ice cream sandwich love seat; a vanity with a built-in blow dryer system; a wardrobe with a touchpad clothing selector; and colorful decor including a fire-retardant gummy bear chandelier. Oh, and there’s an Eames lounge chair to elevate the design. What more could you want?

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Spellman's room perfectly embodies a mystical take on classic '90s style thanks to purple wallpaper with a contrasting wallpaper border, decorative draping, a tufted bench, and stained glass windows. Sun and mood decor along with minimal string lights and dainty lamps complete the magical look.

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There's a symbolic meaning behind every character's bed on Euphoria. While we adore Kat's brass bed with rose finials and Cassie's heart-shaped wrought iron headboard, Maddy's bed stands out from the rest. The ivory bed frame with a mirrored headboard is part of an '80s vintage furniture set. Pink floral brocade satin bedding, a white faux fur throw, and a velvet round accent pillow create a youthful yet mature setup.

pink room

Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart's secret Hannah Montana walk-in closet in her bedroom is everything. The size of a small showroom, it has a rotating clothing system and extendable storage shelves for shoes and purses. The vibrant color palette came together through tie-dye-esque wallpaper, floral accents, a guitar-shaped neon sign, and modern furniture.

hannah montana bedroom closet

Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire's bedroom channels the very best of early 2000s decor through butterfly motifs, transparent periwinkle curtains, a hot pink lampshade with flowers on it, string lights, and a DIY photo collage. The room feels aspirational yet achievable for any teen. It's no wonder the minds behind the cherished show's canceled reboot chose interior design as Lizzie's future profession!

lizzie mcguire bedroom
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Never Have I Ever

In Mindy Kaling's Netflix series Never Have I Ever, Devi Vishwakumar is a confident, high-achieving high schooler in California who both embraces and branches away from her family's roots in India. Her bedroom visually blends her roots through traditional elements and colors with a youthful, personal spin.

never have i ever maitreyi ramakrishnan as devi in episode 410 of never have i ever cr courtesy of netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Drake & Josh

While it's not every teen's dream to share a room, Drake Parker and Josh Nichols had a pretty cool setup. For starters, the room is massive. Not only does it feature Drake's elevated bed tucked in one corner and Josh's bed nicely framed by an alcove for adequate privacy, but it also has a sunken living area with lounge seating that surrounds a TV. There's also a desk and storage for music speakers, games, and even a microwave.

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Nickelodeon via Hulu

Gossip Girl

It's no surprise Blair Waldorf's bedroom in Gossip Girl is endlessly chic. Her entire Upper East Side abode is practically every New Yorker's dream, but Queen B's bedroom is especially lovely thanks to a blend of traditional, high-end furnishings (a hardwood headboard and storage trunk) mixed with lively teen touches (powder blue walls and silky bedding). A gilded mirror, plaster wall accent, and taffeta curtains round out the luxury oasis.

blair waldorf bedroom

Wizards of Waverly Place

Alex Russo made every teen want to cover their walls in magenta shag carpet. The fashion icon's bedroom is a jewel box of fun elements—from the faux gemstone-encrusted headboard to the beaded curtains. A playful room divider provides privacy and shade while doubling as a spot to hang clothes. Considering there are two area rugs on the floor with plenty of wood flooring still peaking through, the bedroom is also quite spacious.

alex russo's bedroom on wizards of waverly place

The Summer I Turned Pretty

In The Summer I Turned Pretty, Susannah Fisher decorated Isabel "Belly" Conklin's beach house bedroom for her. The resulting blue and white room takes on a coastal yet sophisticated look. For the wallpaper, season one set decorator Beth Robinson chose Ocean Toile by Schumacher, "which illustrates life under the sea and is based on an 18th-century document," Robinson told House Beautiful. "The paintings in the room [by artist Amy Elizabeth Stuckey] are meant to depict Belly as a child swimming underwater as a toddler and jumping into the pool as an adolescent."

belly in her room in summer i turned pretty
Peter Taylor/Prime Video


Kelly Taylor's bedroom is exactly what you'd expect of a posh teen's hideaway in Beverly Hill's most famous zip code. Fur accessories, mod lamps, and Andy Warhol-style portraits hung against coral-painted walls give the room style and energy. And let's not forget about the color blocking thanks to mismatched pillowcases.

90210 bedroom

Sex Education

Otis Milburn's house in Sex Education ranks high as one of the dreamiest homes on TV. While the red-and-white chalet serves plenty of wallpaper inspiration, Otis's bedroom takes on a cabin-style look. The wood beams, wood paneling, and angled ceiling create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Curtains in gingham and windowpane patterns amplify the rustic, homey nature. The room is personalized with big posters and a prominent drum set.

otis in his bedroom in sex education
Sam Taylor/Netflix


Riverdale's coolest teen Veronica Lodge gets to call this bedroom, located in the luxury apartment building known as The Pembrooke, her sanctuary. With a lavender, cream, and white color palette, the room is elegant and energetic. Subtle patterns, from the regal wallpaper to floral throw pillows, boost the room's character. The plush headboard and soft bedding surely would've made it hard to wake up for class, but that's a small price to pay for style and a good night's sleep!

veronica's bedroom in riverdale
Shane Harvey/The CW

That's So Raven

Fashion expert and psychic Raven Baxter serves as a never-ending source of early 2000s style inspiration. When her brother Corey surprises her with a bedroom makeover, it's beyond epic. The basement bedroom has a sparkly mermaid shell-shaped headboard, a purple princess canopy, purple and green lounge furniture, and string lights. Bursts of pattern are mixed in for flair.

raven's room in that's so raven

Clarissa Explains It All

The backdrop for Clarissa Darling's monologues was the absolute best and worst of '90s style. The sassy teen's personal space is a collage of colorful elements including a quilted bedspread, wall-to-wall carpeting, license plate decor, a multi-colored painted desk, an apothecary cabinet, and floral wallpaper.

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Full House

The Tanner girls always had fun decor in their bedrooms growing up. But when teen DJ finally gets her own room, it's built for a girl who goes to "the land of maturity" aka high school. Straying from the primary colors of her shared childhood bedroom, the room eventually takes on a purple and light gray color scheme with pops of deep teal and light pink. The rattan furniture set, abstract wallpaper, and bedside lamp with a watercolor shade give the room a youthful glow.

candace cameronandrea barber
ABC Photo Archives - Getty Images

Dawson's Creek

Dawson Leery's room was the go-to hangout spot of Capeside. Behind his carved wood headboard, the wall is adorned with movie posters—specifically Steven Spielberg movie posters, which are a reference to beloved teen drama creator Kevin Williamson's love of the legendary director.

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The WB

Little Fires Everywhere

Izzy Richardson's bedroom in Little Fires Everywhere perfectly embodies the wallpaper girl aesthetic. The room exudes old-money elegance thanks to expensive floral wallpaper and a complete furniture set. Those details are in stark contrast with Izzy's edgy decorating decisions—from her poster and mask-clad walls to the stickers she put on practically everything.

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Sure, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was all about Will Smith, and he does enjoy commendable living quarters. But attention must be paid to his cousin Ashley Banks's very '80s-style bedroom, which stole any scene it appeared in. Everything from the door to the floor is drenched in pink and dotted with floral motifs.

teen bedroom inspiration ashley banks fresh prince of bel air
Warner Bros.

Gilmore Girls

Rory Gilmore's quaint bedroom in Stars Hollow has everything an overachieving teenager needs: ample book storage, a bulletin board for aspirational images (college paraphernalia and travel destinations), and a desk for doing homework. But what we really adore about her room is the lace-curtained window behind her bed. The quiet, tree-lined setting beyond it contributes to peaceful early mornings and serene late nights.

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At Nevermore Academy (which is portrayed by Cantacuzino Castle), Wednesday Adams moves into a dorm room that she shares with her color-loving, werewolf roommate Enid. Their contrasting styles provide a fun visual, but what's truly enticing about the space is that it features a massive circular window with spider-web-like details. Just outside of it, the duo has access to a balcony (where Wednesday plays the cello!) that's enclosed by a stone railing with gargoyles on it.

wednesday jenna ortega as wednesday addams in episode 107 of wednesday
Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

Good Luck Charlie

Teddy Duncan's bedroom in Good Luck Charlie tapped into architectural elements to give the space verve. Most notably, her bed sits on a carpeted platform. Not only does it provide space for storage underneath, but it's also a much more attractive alternative to a traditional loft bed frame. As for the decor, it's a mishmash of 2010s favorites—from the splatter paint bean bag chair to the carefully placed drawings display.

good lucky charlie bedroom
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