These are the most affordable Airbnbs near Europe's landmarks

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In Europe, Italy has the most landmarks with affordable Airbnbs, with Pompei leading the way.

If you're planning a trip to Europe to visit a famous landmark, you'll need to budget at least $64 a night to stay in Airbnb accommodation. That's the lowest average price found on the rental site for accommodation near a landmark on the Old Continent.

Often, when lacking inspiration for travel destinations, people look for good deals. And on Airbnb, some destinations near famous landmarks offer cheaper accommodation than others. According to a British study conducted by , Pompeii, Italy, offers the continent's best rate, at about $64 (£47.21) a night. Note that the research only identifies destinations that are close to a monument or a must-see tourist landmark. A radius of two kilometers was used as a basis for the list, which analyzed 45,573 accommodation listings, along with 2.5 million ratings shared on the platform.

The main takeaway for travelers is to look to southern European destinations if they want to keep down the cost of their trip. The 10 European destinations with the cheapest Airbnb accommodation are all in this region, including the Greek capital Athens, with an average budget of £55.45 a night for accommodations near the Acropolis (about $75). This rises to £56.57 (about $76.50) for a night near the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

And if budget is the main criterion, consider heading to Italy, which is home to the most landmarks with affordable Airbnbs, including Rome (£68.76, or about $93), Florence (£75.55, or about $102.20), Vatican City (£71.89, or about $97), Pisa (£72.93, or about $98.70), Verona (£77.50, or about $105) and Siena (£78.18, or about $106).

The study also looked at prices in the Americas, where the landmark with the cheapest Airbnb rentals is Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for an average £68.20 a night (about $92.25). Meanwhile, in Asia-Pacific and Africa, you can stay close to the Taj Mahal in India for £24.70 (about $33.40).

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