Moses Chan worries about kids' health

29 Jan – Moses Chan admitted that he felt nervous about the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan that has now become an epidemic.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who spoke about the situation in China and Hong Kong following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, stated that he is most worried not for himself, but as a parent to the three children of his own.

"I have implemented a series of sanitary measures at home, explained to them what the conditions are and even reminded them repeatedly not to wipe their eyes with their hands to prevent any infection," he said.

Moses also admitted that he and wife Aimee Chan have also decided to reduce the number of times they bring the children outside, especially to crowded places.

"We have avoided going to many places, although we will still attend family gatherings. The government has also announced that schools will be shut down until mid-February. The kids are excited about going back to school, but the parents are worried," he said.

Asked if he would reduce his work in mainland China, Moses - who previously attended a gig in Wuhan during the early days of the outbreak - said that he won't say for certain that he would, but that he would be more cautious about it.

(Photo Source: Aimee Chan Instagram)